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Our Philosophy

Quality is not an act but a habit is what we preach and practice. Hence, our range of skin products that includes face serum, face toner, face mask and face cleanser speak for themselves as the results show up out in the open with regular usage. The perfectly measured amalgamation of Vitamin C extracted from hyaluronic acid, grapefruit and witch hazel, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and supreme richness of chlorophyll extracts, sea algae, spirulina and French green clay makes us give back the natural gift of healthy skin creating women of eternal beauty every day.

What other harmful products are out there?

What our Customers Say

I had pimples all over my face which made a bit sceptical before I used Moloshe products. Before trying Moloshe skincare products I tried numerous products which showed almost null impact on my face. As and when I came across with Moloshe products I was amazed to see the effect less than a week’s time.

My skin has become more supple and radiant. All the blemishes, dark spots have gone away. Even the texture of my skin has improved dramatically and want to conclude by saying that with results like this I have never witnessed before. Thanks to Moloshe.

Within 5 days, I began to saw noticeable difference on my skin as my face was glowing and it felt well moisturized. I am also using Moloshe detoxifying and brightening mask which has made my face brighter and soft. Moloshe products have made my complexion even and my skin has started feeling nice and supple.

Our Promise

We stand out in caring for the skin and redefining beauty by making hand-harvested and eco-friendly investments on 100% pure, natural and organic extracts that are all-in-all cruelty-free with no toxins, zero parabens and zero sulphates. Your skin will feel the richness of ingredients in every product we skilfully curate for you. Let yourself indulge in self-care with great texture to render you the real wonders of free expression.

We do not make temporary commitments. Unlike popular skin care treatments that focus on spot-fixes like blemish treatments, we take a more holistic approach. Our findings are that fewer products used in a more methodical manner work wonders for the skin. We deliver authenticity in the purest forms and empower the skin to breathe fresh and shine in full bloom. We do not let even the pinch of chemical touch your skin. It’s all natural, supple, healthy, soft and long lasting.

Enter into the world of MOLOSHE and we let you stand apart in the crowd with your skin that speaks for itself

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